Love & services to the children living in Orphanage

The society, dedicated to helping orphans by giving them love and services, our mission is to do everything possible to help children living in the orphanage, Jaipur.

Social Impact

Our society creates an impact to the orphanage children by providing them with volunteers whom will interact with them, teach them basic skills, play with them, and love them on a daily basis. This is important to a child’s development, which is otherwise lacking, without our society’s involvement. We also have offered orphanage children with sponsors through our society whom can provide them with the opportunity to attend school like other children. With our support, we are able to impact the lives of these children during a vital period in their lives.

I want to a volunteer

With our volunteer support program, you’ll volunteer to experience life, love children, and seek adventure. You will take care of, play with, teach, and feed the children in need. You will explore different cultures, and discover what you’re made of.

How to become a Volunteer?

The society invites people around the world to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved in our 100% free volunteer programs. However, you will have to pay for housing and meals to our volunteer placement associate during your time volunteering with us.

Abroad Volunteer Reviews

This was my second time volunteering in Jaipur with this non-profit in India. Yet again it was an amazing experience! I was volunteering in the orphanage; everyday was fantastic, the children are utterly amazing in their own right and the relationship that you can build with both the children and the staff who work there is something really special. I was only in Jaipur for three weeks and saying goodbye to the children was one of the hardest things! I didn’t think it was even possible to become so emotionally attached to children after spending only 15 days with them until I was in tears when I had to leave!! However as a whole I solely recommend this orphanage support and service program to anyone of any age and I believe that this is a fantastic organization and that they have their hearts in the right place. I will definitely be going back again and can’t wait until I do!