Social Initiatives

General Education

In and around Indian cities many communities not possessing own land and dwellings are residing in temporary tents/huts by the roadsides. These communities being forest dependent are now leading miserable lives and making their ways to major cities in hope of survival giving rise to road side dwellings. The children often roam aimlessly with or without work in the streets; therefore they are called Street Children. The ill-fated children are also forced to follow footsteps of their elders. We opened a school near one of such Basti aiming at to motivate the street dweller parents to send their wards to school run by us.

Social Initiatives

Orphan Children

All Orphan children are creation of God and are a part of this universe, they deserve similar love, affection and proper care as our own children do. Therefore we take the help of international volunteers to assist the orphanage staff in discharge of their duties. This serves the dual purpose; one- the children get much of love, affection, right care and another- more and more lovers of mankind are accumulated.

Social Initiatives

Day Care Centers

The Aanganbaris in India are known as day care centres and these programs are implemented in villages. The centres are responsible for providing play way learning environment to the young ones and to look after their health and hygiene. The day care centres in rural areas often equipped with minimal resources and are often under-funded, under-staffed, and poorly managed. As a result, the community loses confidence in day care centres, failing to make use of its resources. Mothers and children receiving services are either provided with little or with no attention and care.

Social Initiatives

Physical Education

India has very less number of sports development coaching centres and these available centres are only in selected cities and a very few schools are conducting and promoting sports development activities. But in the rural areas; schools are completely far away from this type of coaching & centres. In these areas mostly schools are governed by State Government. So, due to lack of financial resources schools do not teach or develop sports. Therefore most children do not have any of physical education. Many people lacking vital coordination skills and an appreciation of the importance of exercise.

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