Would you like to make a world of difference to a child a world away?

By sponsoring a child you will assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to attend a school that is well equipped to properly meet the needs of a young learner. This will enable them to become contributing members of society, and will help to break the cycle of poverty that exists in India.

Why choose sponsorship?

By choosing sponsorship you will become a member of our family of sponsors. As a sponsor, you will receive regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whose life you are changing. You will also be given the opportunity to come to visit your child if you so choose to see how your child is progressing and how much he or she is benefiting from your sponsorship.

Sponsorship Commitment

Sponsorship commitments are made on an annual basis. At the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she progresses through his or her academic journey. The sponsorship typically continue for the duration of the child’s academic career from kindergarten through secondary school.

How will your money be used?

Your sponsorship fees pay for the school tuition, books, stationary, uniforms, transportation to and from the school, and other associated costs for the school year. The school offers students a chance to be engaged in age appropriate curriculum in a setting that is conducive to learning. Each school aims to make learning fun for beginners.

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