Proud to Announce that Students from our Project Moved to Government school

Proud to Announce that Students from our Project Moved to Government school

Project for Street Children: The society is proud to announce that students from our project have graduated successfully and moved to government school. 

The last ten years with these hard-working students have been incredible for us as teachers, program managers, and several volunteers. We have all been extraordinarily blessed to share moments and memories, yet most proudly watched them grow educationally and exceed set goals. Alongside these students, we have been able to step out of our comfort zones creating unforgettable experiences and pushing society’s norms.

These students success in education and personal growth has proved to us that our project is more than just that, it is a passion. It is a shared passion that we have only been able to complete alongside our volunteers and generous donors. Our passion has been and will always continue to be helping children grow, changing their lives providing educational experiences impossible elsewhere, and proving to them that they are able to excel. As we have for the past eight years, we are committed to supporting them in their ongoing education and the requirements it may hold.

Many thanks reach far and wide to our generous volunteers who have joined us from all paths of life to teach these students invaluable skills. Our very special thanks to Real India Experience Tours (Volunteer Tour Agency, dedicatedly working for the society) who has sponsored school uniforms and supplies for our outstanding students on regular basis. Most of all, we are thankful and proud for our beautiful, smart, growing students that have shown us what all of our work and passion has proven to do; we wish them all the best in the upcoming years, and look forward to continue to share their stories with you all.

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