Teaching & Assisting in Schools in Rural Areas

A primary school teaching assistants program provide help a teacher with class-related duties. Our team are sometimes referred to as paraprofessionals or teacher’s aides. Most of the government schools lack quality resources and adequate teachers. We fill the gaps by teaching and assisting to teach English, Maths, Science, etc.

Social Impact

With government schools being so full of children and few teachers, our society is able to offer volunteers who can provide extra adults in the classroom to assist with teaching smaller groups of children- giving them the attention they deserve. Our society is also providing resources to the government schools as well to help the children with their basic skills.

I want to a volunteer

As a volunteer you need to bring enthusiasm, energy and native English speaking skills to their students. Volunteers have the option to choose just a class to teach or rotate from class to class.

How to become a Volunteer?

The society invites people around the world to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved in our 100% free volunteer programs. However, you will have to pay for housing and meals to our volunteer placement associate during your time volunteering with us.

Abroad Volunteer Reviews

It was an enjoyable experience that allowed me to mix with a local population, help them improving their English skills, and see the local area whilst living in comfortable, relaxed environment. It is great to see the kid’s enjoyment at your presence and efforts and too also see improvements in their English. I had an enjoyable and rewarding time during the volunteer teaching. In addition I made good friends with the fellow volunteers and went on few visits and trips with them which were great fun. The accommodation is very comfortable and relaxing with all the facilities that you need. The volunteer home always provided a good place to relax and chill out as well. The food was to a high standard and was constantly varying which is great. The team was always available if needed and good supervision / help were provided to me at the school. The cook is very friendly as is the driver. It is a great program that provides both a cultural and teaching resource to the volunteers. I believe both the children and I will have benefited from, enjoyed this experience. The program is doing very good work .Good luck for the future!